A very interesting mode with Dofus Kamas

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A very interesting mode with Dofus Kamas

帖子 Rskingdom » 周三 1月 08, 2020 1:48 pm

A very interesting mode with Dofus Kamas a foundation of vitality, suitable resistances and big damage that is important. The material was created in the following way: the Ecaflip's Clover spell enables him to take full benefit of items offering damage given that this has the same value as a elemental damage. Thus 37 water damage will be actually offered by a Cape Tal Kasha in case of a critical hit, you are following the logic?

It is important to be aware that exo% firing resistances will probably be necessary in order to not be totally exposed inside this element. To overcome this weakness you can play an amulet Voldelor that follows the logic mentioned above, since it is going to offer a total of 27 water damage to you. (It needs to be said, however, your closing pm dodge won't be stupendous by choosing this amulet, so take the opportunity to make the right choices based on the situation that will appear facing you.) Small additional notes to all this: the Turquoise Dofus here it is useful here to ensure throughout your battles to get his passive bonus of 10% closing damage, and this, always because you will lead to damage just clover.

It is replaceable by a different Dofus or from any trophy. (the flame casing for example). The Trithon Ring is used here because of its many helpful lines although it does not Kamas Dofus Retro For Sale offer features. (It does have 20 critical damage) It is however quite possible to play with a Volkorne Ring rather to gain harm. For the tiny details: the Stalak Shield is obviously more profitable than a four sheet around the Ecaflip class as you're 100% sure to make a critical hit, so we favor the bonus Stalak.

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A very interesting mode with Dofus Kamas

帖子 CraigBic » 周日 1月 12, 2020 1:55 pm

A sodium rector would be more compact, more efficient and more safe than a PLWR. However, as Rickover pointed out, sodium reacts badly with water. One would not want to use it in a vessel surrounded by water.
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A very interesting mode with Dofus Kamas

帖子 Allenpsync » 周四 1月 30, 2020 12:41 pm

Im not proficient to tell whether your method makes sense or not mostly meaning that its not easily exploitable, but assuming that it does and you do all the related work:

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A very interesting mode with Dofus Kamas

帖子 JamesuKnipt » 周六 2月 01, 2020 12:36 pm

The 2R haste pinger that Nico mentioned in another thread looks like a nice way to battle Geopedes and Lynxes. Or rather, it would have been if it was a common. Oh well...