How do I reactivate payroll in QuickBooks

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How do I reactivate payroll in QuickBooks

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The reactivation of the payroll is one of the best features of QuickBooks and also a helpful one. Although it is a handy feature but for Mac users and those who are using the previous versions of this software, things get a bit difficult, because you will have to do everything all by yourself.

So, here are the steps that you can use to reactivate the payroll in QuickBooks:

• Using the Software (Downloaded software)
• Enter your credentials and login to the official website.
• Reactivate the feature and set the payment option.
• Put it on automatic update and complete the process.

For help you can contact the QuickBooks payroll support number.

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How do I reactivate payroll in QuickBooks

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Once you have decided on your corporate structure with the help of a CPA and filed your incorporation papers nor really difficult a good by the hour bookkeeper can do your payroll and other filings for a few hundred per month. You dont need a CPA for this part. You can certainly do this yourself within any decent bookkeeping package like quickbooks I am Mac based and use MYOB, but you do need to have a little basic knowledge to do so and it will consume some of your time. Read: loss of creative time.

You may want to CAREFULLY avoid having a payroll by employing people who have their own business licenses, like an independent sound person. For folks that would clearly be employees, I hire them via a temp service like Labor Ready who takes care of all the payroll and insurance. Technically they are working for the temp service, and you tell the temp service how much you are going to pay them etc. and you pay the temp service who pays the employee. This is perfectly legal, keeps your crew insured and legally employed, and lets you avoid having a payroll. This will cost you a few bucks per hour, but for me is well worth it to avoid the payroll hassle factor and all the burden that comes with it.